Friday, July 21, 2006

Song Requests / Comments

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As this blog is in transition to new content on MBA, and news on business schools, law schools, engineering schools and matters on university admission, in near future most of the content will be changed but this entry will still exist though I have been creating a new blog to replace this blog on music index. This blog will be used as a back-up one when a new blog is out of service. I hope new content on MBA and university news and tips will somehow benefit you as those who are likely to further your education abroad.

Please click the following link Song Request

And make sure you get me the details of the song you'd like:

Song and Artist Title/Name

Comments are welcomed.

In fact there are a number of websites containing MVs which are downloadable and it seems not against copyright law?? as those websites are still in operation. As a result, it is rare to find websites playing music videos online since visitors can take MVs home free that this kind of conduct will never happen in my blog unfortunately. I would like to make my blog a tiny Youtube ^^

As far as music video availability is concerned, this blog has no policy or right to sell or distribute music videos or other materials used in this blog or linked webpages to you. All videos can be played on line only as some kind of entertainment. All music video codes are hidden and protected to ensure the security of the codes/songs though it is not done in a professional way. However some music videos are already protected by their respective owners that the MVs can be played and displayed only via internet connection. So please do not ask me for MV files. I hope you all understand. Importantly I encourage you to support all music copyright owners especially those whose songs are played here. Thank you very much everybody. Your comments are always welcomed. Enjoy Yourself!!

* All music videos and images are property and copyright of their respective owners. Video codes are from various sources and hosted on the third party servers.

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