Friday, November 03, 2006

My blog content

By now I cannot figure out yet what type of content this blog is about though most people come to watch music videos. I have to make a good balance among many factors, content itself, advertising, my expertise in some certain area, marketing, etc. It is tough but this could be done effectively someday to come by learning by doing or vice versa.

Sadly I discovered that the SEO - Search Engine Optimization is not working so well in favor of another blog of mine on since it does not come up as the no.1. Now is ranked no.1 if the word "MV" is used as a keyword for search. is ranked no.2 anyway.

This could be attributed to that I have hidden links of each video(actually no but I did not post them as recommended entries hence it is not search-engine-friendly.

Let's get to the point, I have been thinking of changing the content in this blog to something unique and worth reading. Of course it should be of good keywords that make me big bucks!