Saturday, April 28, 2007

WPI MBA program - ED

Technology impacts nearly every aspect of business today. Our Technology MBA focuses completely on technology management. You will become an expert at integrating business needs with technological capabilities, helping you take advantage of the explosive growth of technology no matter what industry you work in. Whether you began your career in a technical field and want to move into executive management, or you started in business management and want to expand your technical knowledge, WPI's Technology MBA can help you meet your goals.

WPI's Technology MBA prepares you for key aspects of technology management:

  • Leading technology-based organizations
  • Integrating technology into organizations
  • Creating new processes, products, services, and organizations based on technology

We also offer specializations that allow you to focus on the most technically challenging areas of business today:

  • E-Commerce
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Information Management
  • Information Security Management Systems
  • Management of Technology
  • Operations Management
  • Technological Innovation
  • Technology Marketing

Your MBA program consists of four distinct areas:

  1. Foundation Courses. Nine two-credit foundation courses cover the major functional business areas. (Foundation courses may be waived based on prior coursework or a waiver exam.)
  2. Core Courses. Five highly integrated courses (15 credits) comprise the core of the MBA program.
  3. Elective Courses. Twelve credits of elective courses allow you to pursue areas of interest.
  4. Project. A four-credit Graduate Qualifying Project culminates the program.

Option for Specialization

If you want added depth in a specific functional area, you may complete a six-credit Option for Specialization. You can also take advantage of WPI's broad curriculum by taking some of your elective coursework in other departments.



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