Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Chinese Songs, HEC Executive MBA in China & Sudent Loan Tips

Welcome to the HEC Executive MBA program in Beijing, offered under the auspices of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC) with the approval of the Chinese Ministry of Education.

Offered under the auspices of the Training Center of the SASAC with the approval of the Chinese Ministry of Education.

The mission of the HEC Executive MBA program, to be held in Beijing, is to strengthen the technical expertise and leadership skills of Chinese executives in order to stimulate economic development and to facilitate China’s further integration with the world economy. The HEC EMBA program strives to make an important contribution to the Chinese business community during this critical phase of economic and social development by delivering a world-class business-training program to senior managers of State-owned and private-sector enterprises.
Delivered by top HEC Paris faculty, this unique program is an intensive course of study focused on themes relevant to Chinese executives navigating in today’s complex global business environment. Designed to reinforce the technical expertise and leadership skills of senior managers of State-owned and private enterprises, it is anticipated that participants will play a significant role in implementing key reforms in China.

The first class of the HEC EMBA Program, China will begin in 2006. It is composed of 13 modules of approximately 4 days per month (Thursday - Sunday).

With a strong general management focus, the program will cover themes including:

Management, Teambuilding & Leadership
The Global Context of Business
Foundations of Accounting & Finance
Business Strategy
Corporate Finance
Strategic Marketing
Managing Performance
Corporate Strategy
Organizational Structure & Change
Leadership & Change Management
Operations Management & Supply Chain
International Finance & Corporate Governance
People Management & Business Management

Participants who successfully complete the course of study earn an Executive Masters of Business Administration (EMBA) degree from HEC Paris. To successfully complete the program candidates are required to have satisfactory attendance, active class participation and to submit written work for evaluation.

Class size is limited and admissions is on a space available basis.

The admissions process for the HEC EMBA Beijing Program is a rigorous one. Our goal is to select those individuals who demonstrate exceptional professional accomplishment and the potential to be a driver of reform within their organization. The EMBA experience is an interactive one, and each participant is called upon to contribute to the learning process through his or her personal and professional experience.

The HEC EMBA Program, China looks for an overall balance between several criteria, including:

Academic accomplishment
Professional experience and career progression
Motivation for an EMBA
Leadership potential
Integrity and commitment to their organizations

Successful EMBA participants are team players, are ambitions and are clearly committed to their organizations. They come not only to learn, but also to teach and to share knowledge with their peers. Their potential for leadership has been confirmed, and their role in implementing change to stimulate economic development in China is clear. Participants will be approved by the training center of the SASAC.

Participation in the program is restricted to managers who fulfill the following criteria :

hold at least a Bachelor degree, in any subject
have a minimum of 5 years professional experience in a managerial position
a working knowledge of English is recommended (NB: Although the program will be delivered in English with Chinese translation and interpretation, in order to fully benefit from the teaching, English is highly recommended)
be supported by their company
An application form will be made available to those individuals having expressed their interest in the program.


Student Loan Tips


Alan Show - Shake it Mama Shake It, Zi Wo Cui Mian, Happiness Hunter, Love Corner


Cyndi Wang - Woosa Woosa


Dylan Guo - Fang Qi (Ost. The Outsiders เดิมพันรัก เดิมพันชีวิต)


Elva - Love


Fahrenheit - Zhi Dui Ni You Gan Jue ( feat. Hebe)

F.I.R. - Lydia (Ost. เดิมพันรักเดิมพันชีวิต)

F4 - Ask for More, Can't Lose You, Dare for More, Di Yi Shi Jian, Meteor Shower

Faye Wong - Eyes on Me (Ost. Final Fantasy VIII)

Gi Gi - Turn Left Turn Right (OST.)

Guang Liang - Tong Hua


Janice - Never Let You Go

Jay Chou - Lang Man Shou Ji, In Father's name, Coral Sea (feat. Lara), Black Sweater, Cloudless Day, Dong Feng Po, Drifting (Ost. Initial D), Feng, Hair Like Snow, Malt Candy, Nocturne, Qi Li Xiang, Double Blade, Huo Yuan Chia (feat. Jet Li), Yi Lu Xiang Bei (All the Way North), Far Away, Listen to Mama's Words, Iron Box of An Island, Red Imitation (Hong Mo Fang), Tui Hou, Twilight's Chapter Seven, Twilight's Chapter Seven , Heart's Rain, Golden Armor (Ost. Curse of the Golden Flower) , Ju Hua Tai (Ost. Curse of the Golden Flower), You can hear (Ni Ting De Dao)

Jenny Yang - Bu Gong Ping(Ost. The Outsiders เดิมพันรัก เดิมพันชีวิต)

Jimmy Lin - Amazing Twins(Ost.)

Jocie Kwok - Bu Pa Bu Pa

Jolin Tsai - Du Zhan Shen Hua, Pirates, Wu Niang, Xu Yuan Chi De Xi La Shao, Ye Man You Xi, Love Love Love , Pulchritude, Mr. Q, Hi Working Girl, Shuo Ai Ni, A Wonder in Madrid


Kelly Chen - Ni Tai Leng Jing, Lavender (Ost.), A Lover's Concerto


Liu Yi Fei (Crystal Liu) - Puff Girl, Jiu Yao Wo Zi Wei, Palpitations, Beauty Takes Flight


Rainie Yang - Qing Zhu, Ai Mei (Ambiguity)


SHE - Belief, Once Upon A Time, Supermodel, Superstar, Tian Hui, Chu Dian

Stefanie Sun - Turn Left Turn Right(Ost.)


Twins - Mice Love Big Rice

Teresa Teng - Tian Mi Mi


Vanness Wu - Never Let You Go

Vic F4 - Make a Wish, Shu Xi De Wen Rou (Ost. Silence)


Wang Leehom - Ai Chou, A Simple Song, Beside The Plum Blossoms, Big City, Little Love, Dream Again, Forever Love, Heroes of Earth, Loving You is Loving Me, Mary Says (Live), You and Me, You're Not Here, Hua Tien Cuo, Kiss Goodbye, Wan Mei De Hu Dong (feat. Rain & J Lim), The First Morning, Shangri La

Wilber Pan - Ai Hen Rong Yi, Bu De Bu Ai


Zhao Wei - Jian Jian