Sunday, December 03, 2006

MBA in Risk and Insurance Management

The MBA in Risk and Insurance Management is an innovative programme designed specially for managers working in the risk and insurance sectors.

It is available either full-time (over 1 year) or part-time (with modules in 1-week blocks over 2-4 years).

The core modules are aimed at developing knowledge and skills in fundamental management disciplines, and include specialist modules relevant to risk and insurance. The wide range of elective modules allows course members to concentrate in-depth on more specific areas according to individual interests and career requirements. The degree is completed by a dissertation of up to 20,000 words: where appropriate, this can relate to a practical issue in the member's own organisation.


Accounting and Finance
Insurance and Society
Management Information Systems
Management Project
Managerial Economics and Business Policy
Managing People
Operations Management of Insurance Organisations
Strategic Management

+ other modules taken from Elective Modules


Choose either a disseration on a business topic of your choice, or a group consultancy project (with an individual critique/analysis).


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