Sunday, March 18, 2007

MBA in Global Management, Thunderbird School of Global Management - ASM-B

MBA — Global Management

The MBA-GM from Thunderbird -- ranked #1 in Global Business year after year by U.S. News and World Report -- prepares you to take on the world.

Get an MBA like no other. Immerse yourself in international business, language and cross-cultural skills alongside students from 50 countries. Taught by Ph.D.'s with practical experience from around the globe. Every course, from focus area and elective courses to professional development seminars, viewed through a global lens. All topped off by study tours abroad.

As a candidate for a Thunderbird MBA in Global Management, you further refine your business skills and knowledge base by selecting a focus area. This specialization requires 12 hours of coursework in your focus area and positions you effectively for your global career choice.

Focus Areas:
Global Marketing
Global Finance
International Development
Global Management
Customized Focus (allows you to select courses from any of the focus areas or emphasize entrepreneurship, supply chain management, business intelligence or import-export)

Program Options:
Traditional program – a 15 or 20* month program, designed for professionals with varying undergraduate backgrounds and work experience.
Accelerated program – an 11 or 16* month program that requires an undergraduate major or minor in business, or the completion of courses in accounting, data analysis/statistics, finance, and management, or a minimum of 5 years work experience including 1 year managing a budget and staff and enables students to accelerate through certain core courses.



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