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MBA (Entrepreneurial Studies) - ENY

MBA (Entrepreneurial Studies)

Entrepreneurs are essential to our society. They foster technological and social change, and their innovation and creativity forge our future. The Rothman Institute of Entrepreneurial Studies, a top-20 entrepreneurship program, assists FDU students in achieving their entrepreneurial goals.

The MBA in entrepreneurial studies focuses on class work and outreach programs that provide students with the opportunity to learn and practice entrepreneurship in a real environment. It offers a thorough and practical understanding of the issues involved in both starting a business and fostering innovation in a corporate setting.

Classes are taught using a combination of lectures, case studies, team exercises, guest speakers and fieldwork. This major allows students to draw from a variety of carefully selected courses to become business generalists, well-versed in organizing and managing resources. Entrepreneurial studies graduates typically start their own successful ventures or pursue “intrapraneurial” careers with major corporations.

This major is offered under the auspices of the Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurial Studies, Silberman College of Business, at the Florham Campus, Madison, New Jersey and also at the Metropolitan Campus, Teaneck, New Jersey.

Contact Ethne Swartz, Department Chair, at (973) 443-8979 or email for further information.

Career Opportunities

Students majoring in Entrepreneurship develop the skills necessary to identify a marketable product or service and to carry out the tasks required to get it to customers. They will learn how to develop a business plan to organize their efforts and launch the venture. These skills will enable the individual to reach his or her ultimate career goal, be it starting a business or working as an intrapreneur in an established organization.

Alumni Testimonials

"The courses were grounded in the real world and enabled me to develop skills that have proved indispensable in my work to date."
- Aristedes Estrada, BS '02 (Entrepreneurial Studies major)

"The accessibility of the faculty and their willingness to tailor the curriculum around individual interests is a distinguishing feature of this program."
- Rick Hymanson, MBA '01 (Entrepreneurial Studies major)



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