Sunday, April 29, 2007

DBA program at Boston University - EMM

Extraordinary changes in the global business environment are challenging management schools across continents. Management education must impart the skills required to respond to technological changes, the information revolution, global competition, and constant shifts in political and social environments. Many of the management models adopted by business are outdated, and call for innovative ideas rooted in solid academic research.

Boston University’s DBA program addresses this need by training scholars to develop and sharpen management theories to enhance their contribution to management education and practice. Students acquire advanced knowledge of literature and theory in their area of specialization, the major, as well as solid grounding in a minor, for example, a social science discipline, such as sociology, economics, or political science, that provides a foundation for their area of specialization. They are given theoretical and practical knowledge of advanced research skills, which is essential for publishing in leading academic journals.

The program ensures that students develop an appreciation of the role of their research domain in managerial and organizational contexts, and can translate their learning from scholarly research into effective teaching.

Our faculty, which has earned world-wide recognition for its scholarly and applied research, is the School’s major resource for doctoral education. Their commitment to advancing management knowledge through research published in top journals, and improving the quality of teaching, enables them to effectively mentor doctoral students, who, in close collaboration with faculty, are part of the intellectual capital of the School.

The majority of doctoral students entering the DBA program receive substantial financial assistance, which covers full tuition for four years and a generous stipend. The total financial assistance for four years ranges from $135,000 for full fellowships to $119,000 for partial fellowships.


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