Saturday, April 28, 2007

Difference between DBA and PhD - ELR

What's the difference between the DBA and PhD?

The decision to pursue a particular doctoral degree at Harvard should be based on an individual's research interests and the approach one wishes to apply to that research. By reviewing each program's curriculum and faculty research interests, students can get a good sense of their potential fit.

Harvard Business School offers two types of doctoral degrees: Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). However, a student should not select a program based on the type, but rather on research focus and methods.

DBA: Power in Practice
Combining academic rigor and managerial relevance, the DBA program provides students with the flexibility to apply a broad range of disciplines and research methods to their chosen area of study. In addition, students benefit from the wide range of faculty expertise in management fields, such as accounting and marketing, and multiple opportunities to actively pursue field-based research.

PhD: Disciplinary and Management Expertise
The PhD programs are offered jointly by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) and Harvard Business School. They combine the disciplinary expertise of a GSAS department (e.g. Economics, Psychology) with the management expertise of HBS. As a result, students build a strong foundation in a particular discipline and then apply those methods and approaches to their research on relevant managerial problems.


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