Saturday, April 28, 2007

Technology Management - EJJ

Technology Management

Drawing on the academic and industrial expertise from both the School of Management and the School of Engineering, this jointly offered MSc in Technology Management is dedicated to training engineers and scientists for leadership in the management of technology-based organisations. It provides a balanced combination of management skills with a wide variety of advanced technology subjects. The programme will appeal to newly qualified engineering and science graduates and those with some experience in industry. The programme provides practical education that is relevant to the needs of existing and future managers, executives and other professionals in technology-intensive industries. The programme introduces a novel combination of units to develop a solid understanding of management and advanced technology concepts. The learning outcome is a balanced combination of management skills (50 per cent of the modules) alongside advanced technology subjects (process systems, computer based applications, environment, materials, modelling and optimisation). Graduates are prepared to follow managerial careers in organisations that produce or trade technology. The programme prepares students to understand technology trends and strengthen their quantitative background with management skills that cope with finance, human resource management, marketing and corporate decision making.



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