Saturday, April 28, 2007

London South Bank University - EGS


There are many benefits in graduating with a degree from London South Bank University. At LSBU we offer plenty of choice through our wide range of vocational courses and our flexible approach to learning. Our central location is great for getting to know the wonderful city of London and our employer links make your degree as relevant as possible. Here are some of the other key reasons why studying at our university is such a great choice.

£2,250 just for you

The LSBU Annual Grant scheme is worth £2,250 to our full-time home and EU undergraduates over three years and the best thing about it is we don't expect them to pay it back.

Major campus developments

We've been educating students in London for over 100 years and have become very much part of the local landscape. Like the city that surrounds us we’ve had to move with the times and adapt over the years so we know all about progress and innovation. Currently we are investing £47 million into our campus, set in the heart of London, to allow us to continue to provide the best student facilities and the first stage of developments will be completed as soon as next year.

Future employment a must

At LSBU we take our students’ future employment very seriously and many of our courses have been developed in partnership with professional bodies and employers, as well as public and private enterprises. By making our students fit for the world of work we are seriously improving their employment options and potential salaries.

Choosing to study at LSBU is a decision that can have a huge impact on your future career. Our graduates enjoy the seventh highest starting salaries in the UK (as reported in the Sunday Times University Guide 2006). That's great news, especially when a recent study produced by PricewaterHouseCoopers in 2006 revealed that LSBU graduates can anticipate that their degree will boost their life-time earnings by £185,000 and that's £25,000 higher than the UK average.

We offer a wide range of courses at different levels to make access to higher education a realistic option for as many people as possible. We also make our courses as flexible as we can, with many of our students choosing to study part-time.

You may still be wondering if going to university is right for you. Well it’s worth considering that having a degree can boost your future salary and improve your chances of getting the career you want. While you study you'll also be surrounded by a course that really interests you. With London South Bank University voted as one of the best university’s for graduate salaries there are plenty of reasons to study here.


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