Saturday, April 28, 2007

M.S. in Operations Design and Leadership - EENM

Today's business environments deal constantly with changes requiring leadership for operational solutions. The Master of Science in Operations Design and Leadership (MSODL) is a comprehensive 35 credit hour Operations Management program that provides balance between service and production management, with an emphasis on the leadership skills needed to facilitate organizational improvement.

The MSODL program offers the option to concentrate in either Supply Chain Management or Process Design, or to customize the degree with a broad selection of electives focusing in-depth on issues in operations management and related management areas. Students explore a broad range of operational topics such as risk management, lean process design, modeling and optimization, and global logistics.

WPI professors are experts in all aspects of operations technology management: leading technology-based organizations, integrating technology into organizations, and creating new products, services, processes and organizations based on technology. They combine cutting edge research with practical application of theory to every classroom.

Most courses are offered online and at the WPI campus. An advisor will work with you to determine a program and schedule that meets your career goals and need for flexibility.

The MSODL curriculum offers a wide choice of courses allowing you to focus on specific areas of technology interest.




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