Saturday, April 28, 2007

M.S. in Information Technology , WPI - ED2

M.S. in Information Technology

In keeping with the rapid growth of the information technology sector, WPI launched the Master of Science program in Information Technology. The MSIT program is designed for full immersion into information technology, while still providing the comprehensive management principles necessary for understanding the application of IT to business and of business to IT.

As part of this 35 credit hour program, students choose from one of six different leading edge concentrations in the field of information technology:

  • IT Project Management
  • IT and Entrepreneurship
  • IT Applications Development
  • Information Security Management
  • Marketing IT Applications
  • Manufacturing and Service IT Applications

These concentrations provide additional depth in particular areas of IT, or IT management, beyond the core courses. Students can choose a more managerial specialty, a more technical specialty, or specialties that mix management and technology or focus on a specific functional area.

Most courses are offered online and at the WPI campus. An advisor will work with you to determine a program and schedule that meets your career goals and need for flexibility.

The MSIT curriculum offers a wide choice of courses allowing you to focus on specific areas of technology interest.



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