Saturday, April 28, 2007

Retail management, Surrey University - EJM

Retail Management

Retailing is a highly significant economic activity on both a national and international scale. In the UK alone retail sales totalled approximately £246.9b in 2004 (British Retail Consortium, 2006). The MSc in Retail Management at the University of Surrey offers current and aspiring managers in retail and related industries a tailored programme of study designed to enhance their understanding of the retail sector and their ability to analyse and solve problems. Retail-specific and general management modules are combined to provide a high quality management education that prepares students to meet the demands of the rapidly changing retail scene. Students will acquire a high level of theoretical and applied knowledge of the management, operations and organisation of the sector. The core modules are Financial Management; Organisational Behaviour; Research Methods; Retail Development; Retail Marketing; and Supply Chain Management. Elective modules include Business Strategy; Consumer Behaviour; Information Management; Measurement of Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction; Self-directed Research Study; and Visitor Attraction Management.


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