Friday, July 21, 2006

Chinese Songs

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As this blog is in transition to new content on MBA, and news on business schools, law schools, engineering schools and matters on university admission, in near future most of the content will be changed but this entry will still exist though I have been creating a new blog to replace this blog on music index. This blog will be used as a back-up one when a new blog is out of service. I hope new content on MBA and university news and tips will somehow benefit you as those who are likely to further your education abroad.

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Alan Show - Shake it Mama Shake It, Zi Wo Cui Mian


Cyndi Wang - Woosa Woosa


F.I.R. - Lydia (Ost. เดิมพันรักเดิมพันชีวิต)

F4 - Ask for More, Can't Lose You, Dare for More, Di Yi Shi Jian, Meteor Shower

Faye Wong - Eyes on Me (Ost. Final Fantasy VIII)


Gi Gi - Turn Left Turn Right (OST.)

Guang Liang - Tong Hua


Janice - Never Let You Go

Jay Chou - Lang Man Shou Ji, In Father's name, Coral Sea (feat. Lara), Black Sweater, Cloudless Day, Dong Feng Po, Drifting (Ost. Initial D), Feng, Hair Like Snow, Malt Candy, Nocturne, Qi Li Xiang, Double Blade, Huo Yuan Chia (feat. Jet Li), Yi Lu Xiang Bei (All the Way North), Far Away, Listen to Mama's Words, Iron Box of An Island, Red Imitation (Hong Mo Fang), Tui Hou, Twilight's Chapter Seven

Jimmy Lin - Amazing Twins(Ost.)

Jocie Kwok - Bu Pa Bu Pa

Jolin Tsai - Du Zhan Shen Hua, Pirates, Wu Niang, Xu Yuan Chi De Xi La Shao, Ye Man You Xi, Love Love Love , Pulchritude, Mr. Q, Hi Working Girl


Kelly Chen - Ni Tai Leng Jing, Lavender (Ost.), A Lover's Concerto


Rainie Yang - Qing Zhu


SHE - Belief, Once Upon A Time, Supermodel, Superstar, Tian Hui

Stefanie Sun - Turn Left Turn Right(Ost.)


Teresa Teng - Tian Mi Mi


Vic F4 - Make a Wish, Shu Xi De Wen Rou (Ost. Silence)


Wang Leehom - Ai Chou, A Simple Song, Beside The Plum Blossoms, Big City, Little Love, Dream Again, Forever Love, Heroes of Earth, Loving You is Loving Me, Mary Says (Live), You and Me, You're Not Here, Hua Tien Cuo, Kiss Goodbye, Wan Mei De Hu Dong (feat. Rain & J Lim), The First Morning

Wilber Pan - Ai Hen Rong Yi, Bu De Bu Ai