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As this blog is in transition to new content on MBA, and news on business schools, law schools, engineering schools and matters on university admission, in near future most of the content will be changed but this entry will still exist though I have been creating a new blog to replace this blog on music index. This blog will be used as a back-up one when a new blog is out of service. I hope new content on MBA and university news and tips will somehow benefit you as those who are likely to further your education abroad.

MBA Benefits

I got the information from MBAWorld which is useful for you I believe.

The MBA opens doors and provides the modern manager with the tools needed to identify new business opportunities and threats.

Options for the MBA-qualified manager have never been greater-provided that your qualification is from a reputable institution.

The MBA is a postgraduate and post-experience degree for managers with several years' work experience. It provides skills and knowledge relevant for managers in both public and private sectors.

MBA students may have technical degrees, liberal arts or traditional professional qualifications. They may be looking to move into a management role, and acquire the relevant skills. Some want to broaden their international business understanding; others are seeking a change of career.

The MBA widens horizons and provides an overview of business. Across Europe, the average age of the student on a full-time programme is 27 years, and 34 years for those studying part-time or distance learning. They will have a significant number of years work experience as middle managers. Not all MBA students have first degrees but they will have proven academic and management ability. Non-graduates are common on part-time and distance learning programmes where up to 25% may be non-graduates,
In 2000 1300 members of the Association of MBAs were asked why they took an MBA. Most gave several reasons. In order of priority these were:

To obtain a business qualification
To improve job opportunities
For Intellectual stimulation
To increase salary
To obtain general skills
To change career direction
To increase self-confidence

The length and quality of your experience, together with your personal motivation and preferences will determine the schools you apply to.

Competition is strong for entry into the best schools and employers are equally keen to attract the best graduates.

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