Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Wisconsin MBA Program, University of Wisconsin, Madison - KU

Your Future is Our Focus

In short—if you know where you want to go, a Wisconsin MBA can
help you get there.

Our focus is creating business experts with an instant edge—to put you on the path to leadership and long-term career advancement.

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all MBA program. It’s uniquely structured, offering a focused approach to specialized business disciplines specifically designed for students with clear career goals.

This specialized approach begins right when you apply and designate your interest in one of our career specializations.

The First Year

Much of your first year of study is spent developing a strong business foundation. The MBA core curriculum provides you a broad coverage of the functional areas of business, including accounting, finance, management, marketing, and operations. Other courses in the core address critical business skills in the areas of economics, ethics, data analysis, and decision making. These core courses are policy-oriented, practical and cohesive. They provide an ideal foundation for leading any organization. You take them within a cohort, developing camaraderie and working on cross-functional team projects. Your first year also includes three courses that begin your career specialization. Another exciting element of the first year is an executive leadership speaker series that brings prominent business leaders to campus to share their experiences and views with our MBA students.

One of the powerful benefits of our career specialization MBA is that you can immediately begin to focus on your career, the reason you returned to school. The MBA core knowledge, your strong initial preparation in your specialization, and the focused career development and job search activities that start right at the beginning of your first year, are key to preparing for a summer internship within your chosen field.

The Second Year

Your second year is focused on your career specialization. Most of your course work and applied projects are done with others who have also chosen your field of study. You will hone in on important issues in your area and develop the in-depth expertise that is the hallmark of the Wisconsin MBA. This unique strength of our MBA program produces graduates who are both highly sought after by employers and exceptionally well prepared for leadership opportunities in their chosen fields. Your career specialization allows you to distinguish yourself early in your career, which is essential to advancing to a leadership role within an organization. At Wisconsin, we believe the surest path to leadership flows from real expertise.




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