Monday, March 05, 2007

Kellogg School of Management - KH

Faculty and teaching methods

The Kellogg School faculty is an esteemed group of scholars and practitioners who provide a rich source of international experience in professional management and practices. Faculty members combine real-world and academic knowledge of management challenges to augment their training in theory. Senior faculty members also teach courses to senior executives through the Kellogg School’s executive programs; those classroom interactions reinforce their research by keeping faculty members abreast of changes in corporate practices globally, and they apply that practical knowledge to their MBA courses.

To create the optimal classroom experience, professors prepare extensively throughout their careers. Each new faculty member is assigned a mentor and learns teaching techniques designed specifically for the Kellogg curriculum. New faculty generally do not teach in their first quarter so they may observe best practices of more senior colleagues and become familiar with the unique Kellogg culture. At the end of each course, students are given the opportunity to evaluate the professor. These evaluations are posted publicly and the feedback is considered in faculty evaluation, tenure and promotion decisions.

Research is a vital component of the Kellogg program, and faculty members have developed groundbreaking theories in many academic fields such as marketing, finance, negotiations, strategy and game theory. Kellogg houses more than a dozen research centers focusing on topics that range from global citizenship to women in management. Several scholarly journals are edited at Kellogg; the Journal of Economics and Management Strategy and Games and Economic Behavior were founded here.




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