Saturday, March 03, 2007

Oxford SAID Business School - V

Who we are

Established in 1996, Oxford University’s Saïd Business School is Europe’s fastest-growing business school, with a reputation for innovative business education. The School combines the highest standards of academic rigour with a practical understanding of business and wealth creation. Our faculty are engaged in boundary-extending research on key management issues, in dialogue with the wider intellectual community and with practitioners.

An interdisciplinary approach
The Saïd Business School is fully integrated into one of the world’s greatest universities. This allows us to draw on Oxford’s strengths across a range of subjects, including sociology, economics, law, psychology, politics and international relations. Working at the interface of disciplines, faculty and researchers are mining rich new insights into issues such as the politics of global business, the rise of science entrepreneurship, the management of innovation, and the social and commercial impact of information systems and the Internet. By collaborating actively with faculty from other disciplines, we are aiming to transcend the traditional functional divisions of a business school in order to reflect the complex realities of business and society in today’s global economy.

Research strengths
We are a young school in an ancient university, but we have already generated outstanding research strengths in many areas, including: accounting; finance; marketing; organisational behaviour; strategy, entrepreneurship and international business; operations management; and the management of science and technology. The subjects of our research are diverse, ranging from the automotive, aerospace and telecommunications industries to professional service firms, the health service and the public sector.

World-class research centres
Our specialist research centres mirror the knowledge-intensive end of a creative economy. They are helping particular sectors to wrestle with the challenges they face and to discover new directions through research. They are:-

Focus on the future
The Saïd Business School plays a dynamic role in setting the future agenda in the business arena. Our faculty are all at the forefront of their fields and provide intellectual leadership for institutions such as the European Commission, the European Corporate Governance Institute and the World Bank. They are committed to helping organisations stay ahead, whether by furthering our understanding of the Chinese marketplace, or by identifying the strategic demands of high-tech companies.


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