Friday, March 02, 2007

MBA+Public Administration - E

Another interesting MBA Program from University of Phoenix, MBA+PA

The Master of Business Administration/Public Administration program MBA/PA) is designed to enhance the management skills students need to function effectively within an organization. Emphasis is placed on quantitative analysis of business information to improve business decision making. To prepare students for this decision-making role, the MBA/PA has been designed to introduce the theory or principles that frame a wide range of problems or issues in each of the courses. The most current techniques or tools are applied to these theories to allow students to practice making decisions to solve a wide range of problems. The College of Graduate Business and Management has created interactive, multimedia, case-based simulations for its graduate business courses that place students in real-world environments and require them to apply critical thinking skills to decision making situations. Each simulation offers learners the opportunity to identify the information required to solve the problem, assess alternative solutions, and receive feedback on their choices.


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