Wednesday, February 28, 2007

MBA in Sport & Recreation Management - D

This degree option is supplied by the Faculty of Business Administration, in cooperation with the Faculty of Kinesiology. With a focus on preparing students for management, supervisory and administration careers, the MBA (Sport and Recreation Management) degree fills a major gap in the range of education opportunities available for continuing and returning students with an interest in this field. Graduates from the program will be prepared to pursue careers in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors and will have a knowledge base in areas such as marketing, public relations, data analysis, finance, human resources, and E-business.

Students will receive a broad base of theory and application reflecting the current thinking in sport and recreation management. Students will benefit from shared resources, teaching experts, research opportunities, collaborative learning and work experiences through this joint program.

Admissions and Degree Requirements

Applications for the MBA in Sport and Recreation Management must satisfy the admissions criteria for entry the UNBF MBA program. Candidates must complete specific curricular requirements and have the option of pursuing a course-based route or an internship route. Selection of the most appropriate route is done in consultation with a faculty advisor. Candidates also are subject to the regulations for satisfactory or unsatisfactory performance outlined for the MBA program.

The regulations of the School of Graduate Studies stipulate a minimum residency requirement of two (2) academic terms. Most students find that about six academic terms (two full years) are required to complete all degree requirements. The time limit for degree completion is based upon both the date of, and status at, initial registration. Students whose initial registration was full-time must normally complete all degree requirements in four (4) calendar years. Students whose initial registration was part-time must normally complete all degree requirements in six (6) calendar years. A graduate student who is receiving assistantship funding will normally be expected to carry a workload of three courses in each of the first two terms of the program.

Applicants and current students should note that the information about the MBA program at the website of the School of Graduate Studies has not been updated for several years and has numerous errors.

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