Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Cambridge MBA Programme, Judge Business School - W

The Cambridge MBA programme, ranked amongst the best in the world, is innovative, international and based on our strong ethos of collaborative learning and diversity.


Cambridge University has set the standards for learning around the world, a name recognised in every country as a mould-breaker, blazing trails in innovation, science, technology, law and business. Judge Business School, a world-leader in business education, stands at the heart of the University's relationship with the commercial world - it is where business and academia connect, producing one of the most exciting, challenging and innovative environments in the world to learn about business and management.


Our teaching style is collaborative and personal. Our faculty draws on the experience and expertise of our MBA students to enhance their courses and the learning experience. In keeping with one the best traditions of the University of Cambridge, we work in small classes, which allows for high interaction between students and faculty.


The variety of cultural and professional backgrounds represented in the MBA class will enrich your experience tremendously.


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