Thursday, April 26, 2007

ฺBiotech at Kellogg School of Management - CJC

It is hard to imagine a more exciting time to be in biotechnology than the present. Biotechnology is complex, ambiguous, fast-moving, highly entrepreneurial, science-driven, expensive and ethically charged. This continually evolving field calls for new approaches to the business environment. The Kellogg School's Center for Biotechnology aims to be a global force shaping biotechnology management through its MBA and executive programs as well as its research.

The leaders and innovators of the biotech revolution need to be fluent in the new technologies and understand how they impact traditional business models. To innovate successfully in this new economy, managers must understand the connections between all areas of the biotechnology industry - core business functions, cutting-edge technologies, entrepreneurship and marketing.

The Kellogg School's world-renowned faculty draws upon its long tradition of team building, research and hands-on learning to discover new insights into the business of biotechnology. As a cross-functional program, courses draw professors from several Kellogg School departments and programs. Thought leaders empower students with strategies to spark growth and create value. Core concepts include capital planning, market development, alliances, and negotiations. The Kellogg School's Biotechnology Program industrial advisory board, comprised of 30 executives from many life science sectors, ensures that student education is aligned with the industry's current and future needs. The Center has also begun its own research to develop new business models and management strategies for the industry.

The Kellogg School's Center for Biotechnology enables students and faculty to create new business strategies to succeed in this exciting new world, so alive with opportunity.

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