Thursday, April 26, 2007

McDonough School of Business - EBSB

Georgetown University's Robert Emmett McDonough School of Business is a premier business school within a liberal arts-based Jesuit university. Students at the McDonough School of Business are educated in the Jesuit tradition, with an emphasis on teaching the skills necessary for distinguished professional performance with a commitment to service to others. Faculty members foster an environment for learning and select techniques that challenge students to take an active role in the education process rather than to absorb ideas passively. Committed to excellence and sensitive to the impact of managerial policies on society, the faculty integrates teaching and research.

Several academic themes distinguish the McDonough School of Business and give the school a special identity among managers and academicians, including international and intercultural dimensions of the marketplace, the importance of written and oral communication, and interpersonal effectiveness in organizations.

The McDonough School core courses in the traditional disciplines of accounting, finance, marketing, management, and the decision sciences support these themes. Additionally these themes are supported by the McDonough School's strong support of a minor concentration in one of the nearly 50 liberal arts disciplines. For example, students studying accounting and finance are particularly encouraged to consider a minor in a qualitative area that would complement their quantitative major concentration. Those studying international business are encouraged to consider a minor in a foreign language or government, and marketing students are encouraged to explore minor concentrations in psychology or sociology.


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