Thursday, April 12, 2007

HKU MBA Program - ASI-CS

HKU MBA in partnership with London Business School and Columbia Business School

The University of Hong Kong (HKU) and its unique MBA programme is a major participant in, and contributor to, the business culture of Hong Kong and Mainland China.

MBA students today demand an approach that can set them up for success both regionally and across a wider world; a learning experience that bestows upon them a first-class education, real-world experience, and a deep understanding of international business, and cultural differences and nuances. Our MBA programme is specifically designed to produce those outcomes. The Asia-Pacific focus gives our students a unique advantage to build their career in the region and beyond.

Learn business where the business is

Mainland Chinese come to HKU to look at their country from the outside, and to learn the business methodologies of the West; while overseas students get to experience China and Asia firsthand. Both are able to relate their knowledge to a global playing field.

Diversity is key

Our location in a city with such a rich business and entrepreneurial heritage is an immense advantage for students.

Not surprisingly, Hong Kong has become a magnet for MBA students the world over. A significant percentage of our student body is from overseas and the PRC, which, combined with local students, produces an exciting and stimulating mix of backgrounds. Our professors are all distinguished in their fields and come from different countries, creating a truly international experience.


The unique partnerships with world-renowned business schools such as London Business School and Columbia Business School offer our students unmatched opportunities in terms of educational experience and networking. Our existing partnership with Fudan University in China further complements the overall experience.


8 เทพอสูรมังกรฟ้า

8 เทพอสูรมังกรฟ้า(MV)








มังกรหยก 1,

มังกรหยก 2,

มังกรหยก 3,





มังกรหยก (version หลิวเต๋อหัว),

องค์หญิงกำมะลอ ,

องค์หญิงกำมะลอ (Ending theme),

องค์หญิงกำมะลอ (อีกเพลงนะจ๊ะ),

จอมโจรจอมใจ (ชอลิ้วเฮียง),

โปเยโปโลเย (Qian Nu You Hun)