Monday, April 23, 2007

Fordham University MBA - S1

Facts about Fordham

Our impressive national rankings reflect our top quality. Fordham's Full-time MBA Program was named 14th in Wall Street Journal regional MBA rankings, our Part-time MBA Program ranked in the top 20 nationally by US News & World Report and in the top 10 for return on investment by Forbes Magazine.

Fordham’s world-renowned faculty publishes its research in prestigious, peer-reviewed academic journals. The faculty forms a collaborative and supportive community which is also truly accessible as they interact with students in small class settings.

Classic MBA studies may be enhanced in such elective programs as our Global Professional MBA, an International Business designation, or study at Peking University in the BiMBA program (Beijing International MBA)—the first foreign MBA degree to be approved by the Chinese Government and ranked number 1 in China by Fortune Magazine .

Fordham is accredited by AACSB International, the premier institution of its kind world- wide. Of more than 1,500 MBA programs offered in the United States, less than 30% (including Fordham’s ), are accredited by AACSB.

With economic globalization a reality, where better to pursue an MBA degree than in New York, the world capital of global business? Our campuses at Lincoln Center and in Tarrytown assure that your experience will be enriched by daily interaction with other students, faculty, and executives who have active roles in this dynamic business environment.

Reflecting the international nature of business today, Fordham's student body hails from over 30 countries. Therefore, class discussions and projects encompass a great variety of views and cultural diversities that serve to expand the horizons of our students.

New York City's concentration of world-class businesses and senior executives is undoubtedly the highest in the world. With direct access to this pool of expertise, Fordham offers a stellar roster of speakers, advisers, and mentors, as well as a remarkable diversity of well-known executives who serve as adjunct professors in key specialties.

Fordham alums are also positioned in virtually all business sectors within the larger metropolitan area.

There are almost 300 electives in the Fordham bulletin, among the highest of any business school in the nation. So in addition to the classic core curriculum, Fordham offers a wide opportunity to address emerging trends and to connect current business thinking with unique needs of our graduate students in such diverse fields as e-marketing, data mining, equity analysis, knowledge management, financial statement analysis, supply chain management, sports law, and shifts in media audiences.

We have academic ties to Thunderbird in Arizona, Peking University in Beijing, and numerous affiliations with top-accredited business schools within universities in Europe and Latin America as well as a network of 26 Jesuit business schools throughout the United States. .

We are also actively committed to assuring internships and field studies for those who want hands-on experience to complement in-class courses.


SEED RADIO TOP 20 (October 1st, 2007)

1./1. ไม่รู้จักฉัน ไม่รู้จักเธอ - Da Endorphine feat. Pop Calories Blah Blah

2./6. เพื่อนสนิทคิดไม่ซื่อ - Ice Saranyu

3./2. คนเสียแฟน, MV - Dan Beam

4./5. ก้ำกึ่ง - Dan Beam

5./7. เตือนความจำ - Aof Pongsak

6./3. ยาพิษ, MV - Bodyslam

7./4. ตามใจปาก, MV - ขนมจีน

8./10. การจากลา, MV - Ebola

9./8. ปากดี ขี้เหงา เอาแต่ใจ, MV - Mila

10./17. แพ้ไม่เป็น, MV - ขนมจีน

11./7. เติมไม่เคยเต็ม - ชิน ชินวุฒ

12./11. เพื่อนคนหนึ่งแอบหึงเธอ - Freshen

13./14. วันทอง, MV - Nana

14./15. จำไว้คนเลว - Flame

15./New ลืมเธอไม่เก่ง - Black Vanilla

16./12. สุดที่รัก, MV - Retrospect

17./20. Chocolate, MV, MV(Live) - Hangman

18./19. คนสำคัญ - บี้ The Star

19./New ผู้ชายมือเปล่า Rin Rin Samurai - Golf Mike

20./16. อย่าไว้ใจ, MV - K-OTIC