Sunday, April 22, 2007

Stanford Sloan Program - T

The Sloan Program is a demanding academic experience designed to deepen your command of all disciplines required for success as a general manager. We encourage you to stretch yourself intellectually to acquire the knowledge that will help you make the next jump in your career path.

The program includes:

  • Core courses designed specifically for Sloan Fellows. The program requires 57 units to graduate, 37 of those earned in the core courses.
  • The opportunity to take up to six electives shared with second-year MBA students and PhD candidates.
  • An optional Excel workshop in late August.
  • Three weeks of foundation courses in microeconomics, accounting, and modeling, conducted in September.
  • the Sloan Leadership seminar which runs through the year.
  • Interaction with many of the Stanford Business School's world-renowned faculty members.

In addition to coursework, the Sloan Program includes opportunities to study leadership. You will:

  • Meet international business executives who visit the Sloan classroom throughout the year to discuss their experiences as part of the Top Management Seminars.
  • Meet other leaders during trips taken during the year and immediately after graduation.
  • Study case examples of outstanding leaders facing challenges and implementing change.