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The program is for professionals seeking to improve their skills in managing people and organizational systems. It is designed to build skills in leadership, team building and motivation of the workforce. The program builds knowledge of how business strategy affects organizational interaction with the marketplace and how to structure the workplace to enhance organizational growth and productivity.

Information Systems Concentration Requirements

The MBA concentration in information systems develops management skills for the effective use of information in the enterprise within the global environment. The practice of information systems management is built on technical and managerial skills drawn from the fields of business management, information technology, finance, economics and quantitative methods.

Contact Dr. Yoon, department chair, at (973) 443-8870 or e-mail for further information.

Career Opportunities in Information Systems

MBA students with a concentration in information systems will find their degree of value to a wide range of firms operating in today's global environment. By examining how data and information are handled, graduate can assess how a business operates and suggest ways in which organization al performance can be improved.

MBA students specializing in IS can perform the following broad roles within an organization:

  • systems analyst
    • addressing information systems issues, and developing systems;
  • supporting expert
    • helping to align corporate and information system strategies;
  • agent of change
    • determining optimal strategies to manage the change introduced by novel information technologies which affect structures, tasks, and people within an organization.

Student and Alumni Testimonials

"I found that the [IS Concentration courses] challenged my thinking and showed me a new way of seeing MIS and corporate strategy." - T. Powell

"[The] focus on the business problems and strategies, complemented with discussion-based class lectures ... were a good approach to learning and exploring how IS can support and grow a business." - J. Korch

"It was a great learning experience." - J. Coyne


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