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TN2MU - Finance Programs at University of Delaware

Graduate Programs Related to Finance

MBA Program

At the graduate level, the MBA degree offers its students an option to concentrate in Finance. A concentration in Finance is desirable for individuals seeking a career in corporate finance, portfolio management, investment banking, consumer banking, international finance, and/or financial consulting.

To concentrate in Finance through the MBA, one is required to take four finance classes beyond the core course in managerial finance, FINC 850.

  • FINC 851 - Corporate Financial Analysis (an emphasis on financial policy)

  • FINC 852 - Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management (an emphasis on portfolio strategy)

  • FINC 853 - International Finance (an emphasis on currency influences in investments and corporate finance)

  • FINC 854 - Special Topics in Finance

  • FINC 855 - Financial Institutions and Markets (an emphasis on fixed income markets)

  • FINC 856 - Financial Engineering & Risk Management (an emphasis on futures and options)

  • FINC 858 - Corporate Governance (an emphasis on seminar discussion of the relationships between managers and owners)

  • FINC 859 - Seminar in Finance (an emphasis on a project of strong interest to you)

  • FINC 867 - This course number designates an 'experimental course,' meaning a course that is a new idea. The name and nature of such courses changes over time. Currently, under this number:

    • For Fall 2005, we have an MBA Elective: Small Business Finance, with an emphasis on practical funding and operating decisions.

    • For Spring 2006, we have a Ph.D. elective: Workshop in Financial Economics. This is appropriate for Economics Ph.D and M.S. students, and perhaps others, with appropriate preparation. Contact the Department for more information.

Click here to view the corresponding syllabi for these courses.

MBA students also need to take 6 credits of other MBA electives not offered by the Finance Department. The electives should be selected to enhance the student's understanding of other topics related to their career objective.

Visit the MBA Program site to find out more about MBA admissions, financial aid, student fellowships, and the Corporate Associates Program. To find out about MBA placement, contact Mr. Robert Barker, Graduate and Executive Programs Office, at 302-831-8912.

Ph. D. Program

Ph.D. in Economics with a Financial Economics concentration is offered through the Economics
department. For detailed information on the Ph.D. program, contact that department at (302) 831-2565.


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