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TTY - Oragon MBA Program

Accelerated M.B.A. Program

Requirements: Sixteen 3-4 credit electives; 48 credits minimum
Length: Four terms of full-time study

Students are eligible for the accelerated 4-term program if they have

• An undergraduate business degree from an AACSB-accredited institution
• 2 courses each in Accounting and Finance with a grade of B or better
• A strong overall academic record
• GMAT score of 600 or better
• Good work experience


How does the accelerated M.B.A. work?
Accelerated students skip the first-year core and directly proceed to the second-year electives. Unlike students in the 2-year program, however, accelerated students take sixteen 3- or 4-credit electives. Your choice of focus areas is the same.

How long does the accelerated M.B.A. take?
If you are a full-time student taking a normal load of 4 courses per term, you’ll be done in 4 terms, or 15 months from start to finish. LCB does not offer graduate business courses in the summer, although it is possible to take 1-2 courses in Economics or Planning, Public Policy and Management. On a part-time basis it will take longer, of course.

Do I have to start the accelerated M.B.A. in the fall?
While a fall start date is preferred, students can also enter the accelerated program in winter or spring.

Is the accelerated M.B.A. degree worth less?
No! You’ll be receiving the same degree and your diploma will read the same as that for the two-year program.

What are the advantages of the accelerated M.B.A. ?
1. It takes less time and costs less.
2. You don’t have to rehash material you studied as an undergraduate.
3. You get to take more electives and can craft your program around several focus areas.

What are the disadvantages?
1. You miss out on the Strategic Planning Project of the first year.
2. As part of a much smaller cohort, you’ll be taking classes with students who entered the regular program a year earlier and thus have come to know each other well.
3. There’s less time to get ready for your job search.


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