Thursday, May 10, 2007

TTP - EMBA, Univeristy of New Haven

The Executive MBA Program at the University of New Haven is the second oldest program in New England - founded in 1976 - with over 1500 graduates to date. It is designed for experienced, full time managers who want to prepare themselves for general management. Emphasis is placed on instilling the concepts and tools of management rather than developing proficiency in specific business specialties. The program runs for just under two years, beginning in either September or February. Consider some of the program's key features:

Curriculum and Faculty geared to today’s practical business problems

  • A curriculum designed to equip the students with the language and tools of business with real world problems and cases that test for grasp and reach.

  • A mix of faculty with both academic and business credentials.

  • Teaching methods that stress interactive learning, enriched by the shared experiences of the students themselves.

  • A class schedule which offers one course at a time - in intensive 5 week sessions - allowing students to concentrate on a particular discipline without the distractions of competing coursework

  • Special programs:
    - an international seminar or a seminar in Washington to explore first hand the interaction of business and government.
    - a business simulation requiring students to run a hypothetical company and to seek venture capital funds for continued operations.
    - research projects which test students' ability to analyze and solve complex business problems.

Convenient locations and times; minimal administrative hassles

  • Classes offered in these locations for ease of access: New Haven and Stamford.

  • Classes offered once a week, either during the week or on Saturdays.

  • Concurrent programs that allow students to make up for missed class time by attending another class.

  • Small class size - less than 25 - allowing for more active classroom discussion.

  • The program consists of 18 modules, scheduled into two academic calendar years, plus either a master's-level research paper or the seminar at The Washington Campus. Classes meet from 2:30 to 8:30 p.m. one weekday each in designated conference facilities. Each module is five sessions in length and has the value of 3 credits, with the exception of the three full-day, 2-credit Communication Process module. Participants must be prepared to attend all classes except for emergencies. Students must also be prepared to devote significant additional time for class preparation and reading assignments.

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