Wednesday, May 09, 2007

TDS - Master of Accountancy, J.M. Tull School of Accounting

Thank you for your interest in the J. M. Tull School of Accounting's graduate accounting programs at the University of Georgia. The Tull School of Accounting is ranked 14th nationally among all public institutions’ graduate accounting programs. We offer both the post-baccalaureate degree program, known as the Master of Accountancy (MAcc) and our special Five-Year Program (BBA/MAcc). The MAcc is a 30-semester hour program for applicants with an undergraduate degree in accounting. The Five-Year degree allows UGA accounting majors the opportunity to complete both the Bachelor of Business Administration and MAcc degrees concurrently.

Applications are accepted for admission for both Fall and Spring sessions. Summer admission is only available to those candidates who are interning and wish to receive graduate credit for their experience. International applicants are not eligible for summer admission due to visa restrictions regarding an internship during a student's first semester in a graduate program.

The MAcc Admissions Committee recommends that candidates have, at a minimum, a 550 GMAT and 3.00 overall GPA and 3.00 accounting GPA to receive serious consideration. The combination of increased number of applications and limited number of seats in the program, forces our Admissions Committee to be extremely selective. The current MAcc class average is a 610 GMAT with 3.60 overall GPA and 3.60 accounting GPA.

Once you apply and pay your application fee, you will be able to follow the progress of your application via an “Admissions Tracking Screen” provided by the Graduate School. Graduate admission to the University is a collaborative process between the UGA Graduate School and the
J. M. Tull School of Accounting. Applications are reviewed as a group at dates determined by the MAcc Admissions Committee. The Committee will evaluate the application file and forward a recommendation to the Graduate School. The Graduate School reviews the recommendation and makes the final determination on the applicant’s status and will send a final notification by mail.


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