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Tclls - Accelerated MBA Program

The Accelerated 11-Month MBA Program
The leadership development experience of the accelerated 11-month program is like the two-year experience, but in concentrated form. Eleven-month students participate in the same seminars and workshops and work in permanent teams during the summer semester. During the fall and spring, they also have identical MBA P.L.U.S. and Career Resource Center requirements and opportunities. Moreover, each student works with his or her own professional leadership coach and meets regularly with that coach over the 11-month period to advance in self-awareness, implement a personal leadership development plan, process feedback, and reflect and refocus for further growth.

The Terry MBA program is consistently ranked in the Top 50 among all MBA programs in the United States by such major publications as U.S. News & World Report, Business Week, Financial Times, and The Wall Street Journal. Terry MBA students participate in many national competitions each year, such as the National Black MBA DaimlerChrysler case competition, the Net Impact Sustainability case competition, MootCorp, and the National Associate of Industrial and Office Properties case competition. They frequently finish first or second against other high ranking programs.

Eligibility and Prerequisites
Candidates must have received an undergraduate degree in business from an AACSB International accredited institution. If you are unsure as to your eligibility, the Dean's Office of the business school at your undergraduate institution should be able to inform you of your school's accreditation status.

Undergraduate business majors from non-AACSB International accredited institutions can petition the MBA Admissions Committee for admission to the 11-month program. Petitioning candidates need to contact the Terry MBA Admissions Office to request a Core Course Equivalency Evaluation Form. This form must be completed by the candidate and returned with the MBA application. Petition requests received without a completed Equivalency Evaluation Form will not be considered. Petitions will be considered on the basis of a candidate's academic record, including grade point average and coursework completed, GMAT score and professional experience.





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