Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Tsine - FE MBA Program at UC, Irvine

Connecting career with classroom.

The Merage Fully Employed MBA provides a seamless connection between classroom and career. As one of our three professional MBA programs, the work-school connection is more direct and effective. One night or weekend, you’re in class discussing key management challenges or learning a new way to evaluate an opportunity – the next day, you’re in the office applying what you have learned. You are able to maintain your career momentum, increase your value to the organization, and be recognized for bringing new ideas to the table.

Our faculty and MBA curriculum are ideally aligned to provide the knowledge and skills that MBAs need to lead innovation wherever they go in their careers. We’re building on our reputation for expertise in how information technology is transforming the practice of management, and extending that approach into features of our acclaimed MBA program curriculum. It is a pioneering approach that will ensure that our graduates will be leaders of growth and strategy in the global economy for years to come.

The primary challenge facing business leaders today is making decisions that deliver profitable and sustainable growth. They must do this in an environment where competition is global, product and service innovation is crucial, and companies have access to ever-increasing volumes of data.

At the Merage School, you will master essential business concepts and skills, but never lose sight of the powerful forces that shape business and drive future growth. And you will learn how to harness those forces to your advantage.

You will complete a total of 21 courses: 12 core courses, three off-campus residential courses (two in Southern California and one international), and six electives. The program is structured to enable you to progress logically through material, with one course building on another. The core courses cover the fundamentals of management and build on the foundation for advanced elective study. The three off-campus residential courses augment the core curriculum and provide for more intensive learning and interaction with faculty and fellow FEMBA students. Electives enable you to develop additional depth in a discipline of your choice and to tailor the program to meet your needs.

You must complete a minimum of 92 units and maintain a 3.0 minimum overall grade point average. If you have completed substantial undergraduate work in a particular area, you may petition to waive a related course. However, this will not reduce the total number of courses or units required for the degree. Students who waive classes typically substitute additional electives.


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