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TJeab - Marshall MBA, PM

The Program

The Marshall MBA Program for Professionals and Managers (MBA.PM) is our evening MBA program for students who wish to remain fully employed while pursuing their graduate studies.

This 33 month program consists of two major components: core classes and elective classes. The first 12 months of the program are comprised of core classes that provide you with a solid foundation in all of the major business disciplines through careful sequencing of courses from each functional area. Following the core experience, all MBA.PM students take PM.GLOBE, a semester-long macroeconomics course enhanced by a week-long overseas trip. You complete your MBA degree by enrolling in elective courses that allow you to design a concentration that meets your unique goals and career objectives. At the completion of the program, you will be considered an expert in the field of the concentration you pursued.

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The Difference

Although upon completion of the MBA.PM Program you will have earned the same MBA degree as you would in a full-time program, we have tailored the MBA.PM Program to truly meet the needs of a working professional.

Evening Classes
Classes in the MBA.PM Program are held between 6:00pm and 9:40pm twice a week. We believe its easier to fit in an extra three hours at the end of a busy day than it is to give up all or part of a weekend.

Campus Choices
You can choose to complete your first year of core classes at our new Orange County Center in Irvine instead of at the University Park Campus in Los Angeles if the commute is more convenient. Courses at both campuses are taught by highly qualified faculty -- frequently the same professors -- and both campuses have excellent facilities including staff, computer labs, and study rooms.

Flexible Pace
The MBA.PM Program generally takes three years to complete. However, after you complete your first year of core coursework, you set the pace for completing the program. We understand that work demands may change, and you are allowed up to five years within which to complete your degree.


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