Tuesday, May 08, 2007

TGB - Department of Economics at OSU

Center for Applied Economic Research

The Center for Applied Economic Research continues the long-standing tradition of OSU economists of applying economic analysis to existing and proposed public policy measures, questions of business and government efficiency and effectiveness, and the issues of regional economic development and forecasting.

The Center pursues an applied research program developed to contribute to the economic advancement of the State of Oklahoma and provide opportunities for faculty and students to engage in the the theoretical analysis of public policy and the empirical estimation and forecasting of economic outcomes.

The Center emphasizes research in four areas:

1. Public policy analysis - OSU economic researchers have long participated in the evaluation and debate of ongoing public policy initiatives;

2. Regional economic analysis - understanding the spatial dimension of economic activity;

3. Economic forecasting - the Center is home to the Oklahoma State Econometric Model, developed over more than two decades and the state?s only large-scale econometric forecasting model;

4. Applied business and economic analysis - to serve the business and economic development needs of the public and business sectors.


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