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Law, Politics and Society Program Drake University - CSHE

The Law, Politics and Society program offers students a multidisciplinary perspective on the complex interactions of law, culture, economics, politics, and social structure. Situated firmly within a liberal arts education, the program does not treat law as a fixed, naturally given feature of social life, or as a professional practice reserved for specialists such as lawyers, judges, and legislators. Instead, the program understands law as a pervasive part of everyday life, to be socially constructed and contested. The LPS major is designed to prepare students for effective participation as citizens in a civil society. In this major students will:
• participate actively as citizens in civil society;
• read and understand legal texts, court decisions, and theoretical writing, and use those texts effectively to convey complex ideas and arguments in writing;
• know and articulate the difference between law as a professional practice and law as a topic of liberal arts inquiry;
• demonstrate awareness of how issues of justice, morality, authority, order, legitimacy, individualism, and community create tensions within ordered social life;
• explain how historical development and different cultural practices, social organizations, and political systems affect law and justice around the world;
• assess critically how people interpret, respond to, and experience law and the legal system based on factors such as race/ethnicity, class, gender, and religion;
• deploy contemporary legal, critical, and/or interpretive theories in their own analyses of political, social, or legal events or situations.

Bachelor of Arts in law, politics and society

Approximately 150 students are enrolled in the major.

Oversight for the program is provided by an interdisciplinary advisory board with one member from each of the core departments affiliated with the program: English, history, philosophy and religion, politics and international relations, rhetoric and communication, and sociology. Advising for the major is divided among faculty in these core departments.
Several courses from the Drake University Law School may be used to fulfill major requirements.

No specific preparation is required. Students who enjoyed high school government and history classes, and students who are particularly interested in the nature of public life, and in the engagement with political and social issues are often drawn to the LPS major.



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