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Advertising Program Drake University - CKC

The advertising major prepares students for careers at agencies, publications, broadcast stations and cable networks, business and industry, and associations. Advertising majors choose one emphasis track, management or creative. The management track develops competencies in planning, budgeting, administration and coordination of advertising services. The creative track serves students interested in the written and visual components of the advertising industry, including copy writing, layout, production, traffic and creative services.

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication

120 students are enrolled in the sequence. Average class size is 24 students.

SJMC faculty who specialize in advertising are experienced professionals and leading academicians.

  • Professor Birgit Wassmuth, senior advertising sequence professor, earned her doctorate from the University of Minnesota. Dr. Wassmuth taught at Drake in the 1980s and then joined the faculty of the University of Missouri in 1985, where she was regarded as an inspiring but demanding teacher. She returned to Drake in August 1999 with a strong background in graphic design and international advertising. Dr. Wassmuth developed SJMC's first undergraduate international study session, "International Advertising," offered in Germany and France. Dr. Wassmuth's research focuses on interactive advertising on the World Wide Web.

No specific courses are required, however, students are encouraged to take writing courses in high school. Writing and editing are important skills for all journalism majors, whatever their sequence.

124 credit hours total, including 31 to 34 semester hours in a major sequence within the School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

The Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications specifies the amount and general nature of non-JMC courses to help assure that students have a well-rounded undergraduate education. At least 90 of the 124 hours required for graduation must be in non-JMC courses, and 65
of those 90 hours must be in courses offered by the College of Arts and Sciences or in other courses that are liberal arts in nature.

Advertising - Journalism and Mass Communcation Major Sequences

Requirements for each of the SJMC programs of study are listed under separate major headings that follow. Courses numbered 1 through 99 are primarily for first-year students
and sophomores; 100 through 199, for juniors and seniors.

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