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TKMKZ - Stanford University MBA

The Stanford MBA Program:
Developing the Best
Leadership is as much a mindset as a skill set, and to make a difference in the organizations you will serve, you need both.

The Stanford MBA Program delivers the leadership education that prepares you for your next job—and for career moves 30 years from now. Here's how we do it and what sets us apart.

General Management Curriculum
To succeed as a leader, it's not enough to specialize in finance or marketing or strategy.

To succeed at the top you need incredible breadth of knowledge because management problems require different views and an integrated perspective to solve.

Our rigorous general management curriculum gives you disciplined analytical tools that help you assess any management problem as well as an integrated management approach that enables you to understand how decisions in one functional area affect other parts of the organization.

Our alumni tell us that it's these critical, complementary capabilities that enable them to succeed—in their first jobs and in their last.

How we teach also is clearly different and an advantage. Because leadership challenges in organizations are often complex and multidimensional, we prepare you through a full range of teaching methods, including lecture/discussion, case studies, and experiential learning.

You'll benefit from large classroom settings, small seminars, and multidisciplinary learning opportunities.

Stanford's emphasis on general management provides concepts and tools for management, perspectives for leadership, and a lasting foundation for success.

Personalized Education
At Stanford we provide you with a challenging and engaging learning environment that is calibrated to your background, experience, and aspirations.

In your first year, you and your faculty advisor will select the courses that challenge you to the best of your ability.

You will strengthen your global perspective through an international experience fitted to your interests.

You can choose from numerous Bass Seminars, innovative classes that use student-driven content and university-wide resources to pioneer new solutions to practical problems. Our breadth of electives (over 100 each year) provides an opportunity to tailor your experience.

You also can expand your studies to incorporate courses—and even degrees—from other areas of graduate study at Stanford.

Through the Stanford MBA education, you will be challenged to reach your fullest potential.

Strategic Size and Collaborative Culture
The primary reason that the Stanford MBA Program can offer so many enriching learning experiences tailored to your interests and goals is because we have a small student body with the resources of a world-class university.

Our class size is a strategic decision. By limiting each class to 360 students, we provide you with a compelling opportunity to form lasting relationships with professors, classmates, and alumni around the world.

Our size and these relationships foster the collaborative culture that permeates the Stanford experience.

Through faculty advising and small seminars, you will gain lifelong mentors.

By knowing everyone in your class, you form lasting connections that form the basis of your alumni community.

After you graduate, you become part of a close-knit group of alumni around the world—24,000 people who are accessible to answer your questions, provide counsel, and make the connections you need, all while treating you like family.

The relationships you build at Stanford endure throughout your life, providing a powerful professional—and personal—advantage.

Our strategically planned size enables us to focus unmatched resources on you, your educational experience, and your career goals, so that you can move confidently forward in the direction of your dreams.

Our collaborative culture ensures that relationships are genuine, deep, and lifelong.

Only at Stanford do you join a true community, for life.

Choosing the right business school is a personal decision. We invite you to meet us and learn more about who we are and what we stand for. Explore what we teach and how we teach it. We believe in the power of ideas to make a difference. And we believe that by educating future leaders and creating ideas, the Stanford MBA Program can change the world. If you want to make a difference, don't wait. Start now!

Curriculum—A Bold New Vision
A Fast Start
With Stanford's new curriculum, you will immediately dive into complex managerial issues.

Through your first quarter General Management Perspectives courses, you will examine questions that transcend any single function or discipline of management such as:

What responsibilities does a corporation have to society?
What do markets do well, and what do they do poorly?
What are the costs and benefits of commitment?
You will begin to understand the larger context of management and recognize deficiencies in your own knowledge that you will fill with General Management Foundations classes in your second and third quarters.

Right from the start, you also will focus on developing your leadership style and honing your skills of oral and written persuasion.

Faculty Advising
Members of our world-renowned faculty are accessible and eager to provide individual guidance. They care about you, your academic experience, and your personal development. You will get to know faculty members well. And they will get to know you.

As a Stanford MBA student, you will have a faculty advisor who knows your background in depth and helps you assess your strengths and development areas.

Your faculty advisor partners with you to select the courses that are calibrated to your personal background, experiences, and interests.

Tailored Curriculum
Stanford offers General Management Foundations courses with multiple levels of difficulty in each discipline calibrated to the background and experience of each student. In some cases there will be options available to better suit students' learning and career goals.

After a serious assessment of your skills in the first quarter, you and your faculty advisor will calibrate your subsequent curriculum based on your background and experiences, academic interests, and career aspirations.

We help you reach your goals faster and better.

Global Experience
Today's society is truly a global one, and it has never been more important to consider the global context of business.

Through required courses and electives, you will not only examine global management issues but also develop frameworks for learning about other countries and how best to navigate cultures different from your own.

We expect to provide every student with opportunities for a global study trip, overseas service-learning trip, international internship, or student exchange experience while in the Stanford MBA Program.

Small Seminars
One of the key benefits of a smaller school is that we can provide more engaging learning environments through our intimate seminars.

Both students and faculty consistently describe Stanford seminars as among their most valuable classroom experiences.

Your Stanford MBA experience will begin and end with seminar classes that bring students and faculty together in small groups to delve deeply or debate more broadly.

Stanford also is introducing a series of intensive one-week fall seminars for second-year students in which you dive deeper into the cutting-edge research and ground-breaking ideas of our faculty members.

Capstone Experience
As your MBA education draws to a close, you will join with your peers and professors to synthesize the last two years with a seminar course that is both retrospective and prospective.

This is a chance to reflect on what you have learned and examine what you hope to achieve in the future—for yourself and for others.

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