Tuesday, May 08, 2007

TCres - Executive MBA, Leeds University

Our Executive MBA programme enables executives and managers from business and professional backgrounds to combine part-time study with full-time careers and can be completed in two and a half years. It is about executive and management development, with the emphasis firmly on business and management knowledge and skills in a co-operative learning environment.

The programme will expand your knowledge of the fundamental elements of business and management, their integrative nature and relationships. It will refine your investigative, analytical and decision-making skills, and will also develop the interpersonal, communication and influencing skills required to achieve results in today's rapidly changing business environment.

To this end, the programme focuses on co-operative learning, now viewed as vital to the pursuit of best practice in business. Executive and Managers on our programme come from a variety of business and professional backgrounds, and most have considerable experience of working life and well-established careers. This diversity provides a dynamic learning environment and a unique opportunity for participants to work with each other, sharing experiences and approaches.

For our Executive MBA, we encourage co-operative learning through the learning set, which forms at the beginning of the programme and is kept to a size that facilitates a close rapport between executives and managers within the group and a participatory learning environment.

Equally important is your personal development. The programme will help you to understand your own strengths and weaknesses, to refine your own objectives and plans, and to become a self-managed learner. We also know from experience that the MBA is likely to improve your prospects in terms of more responsible and interesting work, career progression and earning potential.