Wednesday, May 09, 2007

TG-JR Master of Accounting, USC

Master of Accounting

The Master of Accounting program (M.Acc.) prepares graduates for careers in public accounting, industry and government. USC's M.Acc. program is one of the first professional accounting curricula integrating undergraduate and graduate education in the nation. The objectives of the program include developing the sound conceptual, technical, analytical and communication skills that are required to succeed in the accounting profession. The program employs a rigorous case analysis approach which requires students to exercise their analytical abilities and develop effective verbal and written communication skills. The program also seeks to instill a deep appreciation and respect for the crucial role of the independent accountant in our free enterprise economy. This perspective provides the bedrock of the professional attitudes and responsibilities of CPAs today.

Students have the opportunity to study accounting in greater depth than is typically provided in an undergraduate accounting program or an MBA program with a concentration in accounting.

Students may apply to the M.Acc. program after completing a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university or during their senior year. An undergraduate accounting or business major is not necessary, nor is work experience a requirement. In this world of "re-engineering," the term "public accounting firm" is becoming obsolete. CPA firms now view themselves as "professional service firms." This dramatically changes the role of the CPA. The profession requires highly visible, articulate business professionals with the ability to interact on many levels within a client's organization. This requires individuals with diverse backgrounds. The profession is ideally suited for those with accounting, business, liberal arts and sciences undergraduate degrees.


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