Wednesday, May 09, 2007

TJames - Business of Medical, USC

The Business of Medicine

With the retrenchment of the technology sector, it could be argued that health care is currently the most dynamic industry in the United States. It continues to become more complex through managed care consolidation and the ongoing downward pressure to manage costs despite mounting legal exposure, increased life expectancy and the aging baby-boomer population.

The obvious and early casualty of these trends has been the physician's salary. Despite the unmatched expertise that physicians achieve through a grueling education, many specialties including general practitioners, family practitioners, and Internists have seen their salary growth flatten. Another, more subtle yet more meaningful casualty has been the control physicians feel they have lost to hospital administrators, HMO executives, lawyers and politicians.

These industry conditions have created a fundamental yet relatively underserved need on the part of physicians -the need to take back control of their futures and the health care industry. USC 's Master of Medical Management (MMM) degree meets these needs by providing the formal business education physicians seek in order to realize their professional goals whether these are career advancement, transition or flexibility. The MMM was created with these needs in mind and provides the following benefits:

  • Career Growth - The knowledge and credentials earned through the MMM allows its students to pursue and be successful in executive positions whether in a group practice, hospital or HMO.

  • Quality - The MMM has been meticulously designed and taught by senior USC faculty

  • Flexibility - The unique design of USC 's MMM allows physicians to earn a rigorous business education from a prestigious university without interrupting their careers.

  • Time - The Master of Medical Management is completed in only one year.

  • CMEs - Students get the extra benefit of earning 50 CMEs upon completion of the program.

  • Relationships - in class sessions allow students to forge a bond that will last a lifetime with each other as well as with faculty.

Whereas the typical executive MBA covers a wide range of business and industry structures and public health degrees stray too far from business and management, the MMM focuses on business and entrepreneurialism in a health care context.

The program is an integrated management curriculum taught by faculty in the Marshall School of Business, the School of Policy, Planning and Development and the Keck School of Medicine.



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