Wednesday, May 09, 2007

TSB - The Terry MBA Program

21st Century Leadership
The Terry MBA Program has two objectives. The first is to provide Terry MBA candidates with the knowledge and skills valued in the marketplace for post-graduate employment and long-term career advancement. The second is to provide our graduates with a lasting competitive advantage ... a set of seven leadership competencies that will not only differentiate them from other MBAs, but also add meaning and satisfaction to their lives.

At the heart of effective business leadership is business acumen--having advanced cognitive abilities to comprehend, apply, analyze, synthesize and evaluate business solutions. The first year core curriculum, comprising 26.5 credit hours of required coursework and 3 credit hours of electives, provides a solid foundation for today's business environment.

The Terry MBA Program has systematically integrated leadership development opportunities across the curriculum and throughout the MBA experience. In collaboration with Terry's Institute for Leadership Advancement, we have selected seventeen measurable components of leadership for development and assessment.

The Terry MBA program is consistently ranked in the Top 50 among all MBA programs in the United States by such major publications as U.S. News & World Report, Business Week, Financial Times, and The Wall Street Journal. Terry MBA students participate in many national competitions each year, such as the National Black MBA DaimlerChrysler case competition, the Net Impact Sustainability case competition, MootCorp, and the National Associate of Industrial and Office Properties case competition. They frequently finish first or second against other high ranking programs.

Eligibility and Prerequisites
The two-year MBA program is designed for non-business baccalaureate degree holders and business majors from non-AACSB International accredited institutions. The program involves four semesters of full-time study with fall semester admission only. While no prior business coursework is required of two-year students, it is often advantageous for incoming students to acquaint themselves with several functional areas of business prior to enrollment. Students in past years have benefited most from introductory coursework in accounting, statistics and economics.

A solid foundation in math will be needed to be successful in the program. This will require you to assess your quantitative background and, if you feel it is necessary, to prepare yourself for the program by taking a business math course.


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