Wednesday, May 09, 2007

TSynk - Executive MBA at UC, Irvine

Take your work to school.

In the Merage Executive MBA program you will join a group of other high-potential professionals and will earn to anticipate challenges and opportunities in the global business environment. Participants come from a range of companies and generally have a minimum of eight years of work experience. Firms employing EMBA students in the past include Boeing, Dell, Goldman, Sachs & Co., MGM Studios and Travelocity.

The curriculum emphasizes a combination of integrated management skills and comprehensive functional knowledge that you will be able to use immediately in your current position. You will earn the same MBA degree as our full-time students—but you will have a completely different experience.

EMBA is a 21-month program that begins once each year in the fall. Classes are held every other week on consecutive Fridays and Saturdays. This convenient schedule accommodates executives who want to earn their MBAs and maintain their career momentum while juggling work, travel and family.

The class stays together for the duration of the program, and study groups are formed to foster teamwork, networking and mutual support. A key EMBA advantage is the sense of community that develops among students as you study together, confront similar workplace challenges and benefits from your broad collective experience.

To enhance your EMBA experience, the School offers a number of networking opportunities in specific functional areas such as consulting, entrepreneurship, financial management, information technology international business, marketing and strategy, real estate and medical and biotechnology. There are at least a dozen student clubs and associations that you can join to broaden your educational experience.

The School has also identified and is developing more Centers of Excellence that allow Merage students to study and participate in additional programs in these specialties: Entrepreneurship and Innovation; Leadership Development; Real Estate; Health Care Management and Policy; Investment and Wealth Management and Informational Technology and Organizations.

After you receive your degree, the Merage School will stand behind you as you plan your next career move. Career management professionals will assist you in exploring options and connecting with businesses. We assist you with coaching, resources, and a wealth of opportunities. Our goal is to give you the tools to effectively shape your future.

And, from the minute you graduate, you automatically join the Merage Lifetime Alumni Network. You are instantly connected to a robust network of 6,000 alumni worldwide and are invited to attend a full calendar of programs and events through the interactive alumni website, monthly newsletters, email announcements, and the school magazine, and audit select classes tuition free.



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