Thursday, May 10, 2007

TDunk - MBA, University of New Haven

The primary mission of the School of Business of the University of New Haven is to provide quality, career-oriented education to students with varied economic and cultural backgrounds, experiences and academic preparation. We seek to accomplish this through comprehensive programs designed to accommodate a full-time undergraduate and a substantial part-time evening student body, and by engaging in teaching, research and consulting involving both the development and communication of knowledge. It is the vision of the school to be a regional leader in providing career-oriented, contemporary business education.

As the business environment becomes more complex, the School of Business provides contemporary educational experiences of high quality in order to prepare students who are ready to face the challenges of a dynamic, modern world and to meet their responsibilities within a global society. To meet this goal, career-oriented programs are provided, employing current knowledge and techniques presented in a manner appropriate to the diverse backgrounds and experiences of graduate students.

Through the Graduate School , the School of Business offers an M.B.A. program, an Executive M.B.A. program and master’s degree programs in a number of other business fields. A master’s in public administration (M.P.A.) as well as two dual degrees, M.B.A./ M.P.A. and M.B.A./ M.S. Industrial Engineering, are also available. Master of Science degrees are offered in health care administration, labor relations and management of sports industries. In addition, more than a dozen graduate certificates are available for students who seek a short graduate curriculum concentrated in a specific business area.

At the undergraduate level, the School of Business offers associate and bachelor’s degree programs in the departments of accounting, communication, economics and finance, marketing, and international business, and management.



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