Thursday, May 10, 2007

TTO - MA Marketing, Bristol Business School

The MA Marketing at Bristol Business School has been running for many years and is highly regarded by students, employers and professional bodies. The programme is regularly reviewed to reflect changing business practice, ensuring that it remains topical and relevent.

Is this programme for you?

If you are a graduate, or have the equivalent practical experience, and wish to acquire a conceptual understanding of marketing integrated with a range of practical skills, this programme is ideal for you.

You may be intending to move into a marketing position, or wish to develop your existing marketing career. In an increasingly competitive job market the MA Marketing qualification will help to differentiate you as an applicant, whatever your career stage.

What are the aims of the programme?

The aims of the programme are to:

  • provide you with an intensive, academically demanding and vocationally orientated programme, based on a framework of concepts and theories from current research and literature within which you can structure your marketing experience in order to improve your effectiveness

  • enable you to develop a variety of marketing practitioner knowledge and skills, and an understanding of their areas of application

  • develop your problem-solving and decision-making skills and judgement in the context of marketing management

  • provide an educational experience that will enable you to develop transferable intellectual and personal skills

  • provide you with real opportunities for personal development

What will you gain from this award?

Given the increase in the numbers of general Business Studies, DMS, MBA graduates and managers holding the Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma, a higher level specialised qualification is now a pre-requisite for many marketing positions.

A Master's degree in Marketing will help you to obtain the right position and enable you to progress quickly. You will acquire a range of analytical, practical, computer and communication skills and the programme will enhance your ability to work both independently and with others, a particular necessity in marketing positions.

Many of the benefits of the programme derive from an experienced teaching team, most of whom are currently involved in relevant consultancy work and research, and so are fully informed on current marketing issues.



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