Friday, May 25, 2007

TNKJ - University of Delaware MBA

Accelerate your career with the University of Delaware Lerner College Executive MBA.

Our 19 month program is internationally accredited, taught by expert faculty and attended by top business minds. The convenient location and weekend schedule keeps pace with you as real-world curricula is applied to advance your learning goals and provide personal and professional growth.

This lock step program allows experienced professionals to complete the University of Delaware MBA in 45 weekends over 19 months – with the summer off. Each of our five nine-week semesters builds on the experience of our opening residency in Lewes, Delaware. This four day event offers students the opportunity to bond with their cohort, understand the structure of the EMBA and complete a 3-credit course, Strategic Thinking for the Executive Leader. In your final semester, a 10 to 12 day international residency caps off the program.



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