Tuesday, July 03, 2007

TBie - Stanford Law School

The Program

A curriculum that begins with the fundamentals but is then rich in interdisciplinary learning opportunities, clinics that teach law students how to be lawyers who make a difference, and programs and centers that catalyze scholarship, research, and dialogue on important issues — these are the forums through which Stanford Law shapes the future.


Stanford Law School's course offerings provide a solid foundation in legal theory while also making it possible to cultivate expertise in any legal specialty our students might choose — from economics and business, to science and technology, to international law and public service. Students can pursue an established joint degree, customize a degree, or explore law's intersection with other disciplines through team-taught courses and academic concentrations.

Clinical Education

Stanford Law School pioneered clinical education in the 1970s. Today, we continue that tradition of innovation through nine legal clinics that, under the guidance of faculty mentors, test and sharpen students' lawyering skills, expand their perspectives, and cultivate the values that make for effective, ethical attorneys.

Scholarship & Research

Through their scholarship and research, Stanford Law faculty explore traditional and emerging legal frontiers. Much of their work takes place academic programs and centers that engage students in faculty research and attract thought, industry, and policy leaders from around the world.





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