Thursday, June 28, 2007

TRTS - HEC MBA Programs

The HEC MBA Program takes a fact-based, cross-disciplinary approach to management education. The learning process relies on the case method and a wide variety of team-based teaching tools. The HEC approach combines problem resolution, effective communication and leadership skill-building.

Teamwork and Cross-Cultural Experience

Upon arrival to the HEC campus, participants are integrated into work groups containing four-to-five participants, enabling each participant to maximize his or her cultural diversity and experience. Work groups are given case studies reflecting real business situations, but often with missing and or conflicting information. The case resolution entails finding possible integrated solutions to business problems. In analyzing complex, uncertain situations where there is no single “black and white” solution, participants learn to overcome the hurdles of cultural diversity and differences in language in order to work out different approaches to problem solving. This learning experience prepares participants to become effective leaders in their future international business environment.

Language Skills

Language expresses and transmits culture. Language learning implies exposure to different cultures, and being able to understand them enables participants to adapt to a wide range of international business situations. Training executives to assume leadership positions in international business involves a sensitivity to language acquisition, and thus remains one of the cornerstones of the HEC MBA.

In our multicultural environment, participants are encouraged and expected to learn French as a second or third language. In fact, unless you are a native French speaker or already bilingual in French, French is compulsory for all participants during the first four months of the program. Moreover, French is offered to participants at all levels of competency in the language throughout the 16-month program. If you are a native French speaker or already bilingual in French, you'll have to learn another language unless you are already trilingual.

With French as key part of the HEC MBA curriculum, participants quickly learn to develop, reinforce and consolidate the basic communicative skills for use in francophone countries. This approach makes them able to meet the demands of social and work-based environments.

At the same time, participants broaden their comprehension and knowledge of French culture and current affairs. Our integrated approach to language learning provides each participant a methodological framework in order to become an autonomous learner and user of the French language.

Ideal Program Length

The program length allows for a thorough investigation of the core business disciplines while providing the flexibility of a two-year program and ensuring a return to employment in a short period of time. The MBA period allows participants to step back from their professional expertise, develop new skills, discover new interests, and optimize business decision making in a more integrated fashion.

The duration of the program also allows participants to personalize their curriculum. During the second half of the program, participants have the opportunity to choose from over 80 electives and tailor their training through the choice of seven different tracks: International Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneur, Strategies for Growth, Individual Professional Projects, Company Consulting Projects and International Exchange.

Ideal Class Size

The average class size is about 200 participants per year divided into the September and the January intakes. Thus, classroom size maximizes both student-faculty and cross-student interactions and is large enough to allow the diversity of student population to thrive. Classes are not so large as to fall into a more standardized teaching process.

At HEC, participants benefit from two major points : easy access to an academic faculty that plays a major role in the maturation of individual choices and an incredibly international participant body.


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