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TLD - MSc in eBusiness, UCD Michael Smurfit School of Business

The MSc in Electronic Business (EBusiness) is a programme which provides a wide-ranging treatment of the theory and practice of EBusiness, which in the last decade, has totally transformed the way business and management is conducted in both a national and an international context. The programme will expand students’ business and technical proficiencies necessary to design, implement, manage and advise on Electronic Business solutions in both private and public sectors.

Rationale for the MSc in EBusiness

Electronic Business is thriving and has become an integral part of everyday life for public and private organisations, both large and small, across the world.

Despite its popularity, the impact of Electronic Business - in economic, organisational and behavioural terms - is still not fully understood. Technologies are constantly evolving and much depends on the social, organisational and institutional environments in which the technologies are situated.

This extremely dynamic Electronic Business MSc Programme provides students with a unique opportunity to learn about and understand fundamental issues relating to Ebusiness management, economics, and the implications of conducting business in an increasingly networked global environment.

Career Opportunities

Graduates from the MSc in EBusiness will target positions in some of the world’s leading management consulting firms,
service providers, and in other commercial and public-sector organisations. They may also work in professional services or project management, as IT and business analysts: they may specialise in eMarketing, or conduct further eBusiness related
research as part of a PhD degree. Several eBusiness graduates have successfully established or - after completing the
programme, expanded - their own high-tech business.

Academic Structure of the Programme

The MSc in EBusiness is offered as a 1 year full-time programme, aiming to develop students’ understanding of, and capability to manage, organisations and IT-based business relationships in an Electronic Business environment.
An international Summer School is included in the programme to provide an opportunity for participants to apply specialist skills in a multicultural cross disciplinary

MSc Business modules

• Impact of emerging technologies on individuals, organisations, networks, and industries, in particular, how to derive business value from these technologies
• Structure of eBusiness systems, their development and integration into business strategies and operations
• Electronic Business management to leverage the various resources involved for maximum effectiveness

Semester One and Two

• Fundamentals of E-Business
• MIS: Social and Political Issues
• Information Requirements and Databases
• MIS Frameworks
• E-Business Infrastructure and Systems Developments
• Information Systems Outsourcing
• 2 Optional Modules, (1 Project Based)

During the third semester, all MSc Business students will participate in the Summer School offerings. These modules will focus on more generic international content and employ learning strategies which are designed to allow students display and deepen their specialist knowledge/competencies in a more applied way. Four modules are offered in the Summer School, one of which is project-based.
This summer school offering is designed to attract visiting masters level students from some of our European exchange partners to participate in this part of the programme.

Summer School (May to August)

• Cross Cultural Management
• Doing Business in selected global region
• Organizational Consequences of Internationalisation
• Interdisciplinary Project

Optional Modules

• Typical options pursued by eBusiness students include:
• Economics of Information Systems
• Managing Electronic Business: Strategy & Operations (project based)
• IT Project Management (project based)
• Business Process Redesign
• Software Applications Development
• Business Policy

Who Should Apply?

Applicants should have one of the following:

• A minimum second-class honours in a business, eBusiness, or computer science-related programme
• An honours Higher Diploma in Business Studies or technology
• A primary degree with a minimum of three years work experience in eBusiness

Applicants who are not native English speakers must have an English language qualification (TOEFL/IELTS)


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